As humans, we want to be acknowledged, wanted and needed. What is wrong with feeling this way. We are interactive creatures who need to be cared for and loved.
Women tend to crave more affection and love than men generally, however, men need to be acknowledged in special ways too.

Interaction is such a large part of what we need as humans. Without interaction and communication we would simply exist. These are ways we learn about each other and teach children how to care about one another. How Else would they know how to start out in life but they didn’t know they could approach other people, friends and relatives who paid attention to them? While interaction in our culture has changed in recent years due to technology I still believe that there’s a good portion of parents and teachers pastors and others in positions where they can communicate with others that still make it a point to explain things to people. In my opinion it is part of their profession to clarify things for people so they are understood.

Imagine with me for a moment, not knowing if you could walk up to talk to someone or wave at them but constantly being paranoid about what you should do when you see someone. No one wanted superior stuck up and our culture has taught us it’s okay to way even when you don’t know someone provided you’re an adult. Our children look to us for ways to live to communicate with their friends family and their teachers.

I know there are some proponents of the internet and cell phones and some opponents of them. I for a long time, was an opponent of cell phones with teenagers. I believed that a stop them from talking to people because they could always be other gadgets and not come out and talk. However, I have decided the cell phones have furthered our communications. They encourage communication across the miles with people that we can’t talk to you on the phone because it is expensive to have a long phone call. There are places such as Facebook where people share freely nose and recipes and things that relatives pick up in Friendswood and it goes for miles and I think it’s wonderful communication so I stand corrected.

If used correctly you could make someone understand that you care about though just by calling them on your cell phone or texting them and the words I’m so over express that you care. Someone who might not answer their phone because they’re busy or overwhelmed with the situation might see your text later and respond to it. I think this is wonderful.

I think that the cell phone has bridged gaps but span across the entire country. One such example would be my sister who is married to a man for Morocco which is in Africa, her husband can talk to his family in Morocco daily by phone or by computer. To me this is simply a miracle. My sister’s mother-in-law I recently had a stroke and she is here in America the rest of her family is in Morocco. Our social media made it possible for them to see her and her hospital room and to communicate with her in ways that would’ve been thought of years ago.

I am encouraged that was started out as games and stuff like that seems to have advanced to get people to communicate more with the cell phone I know it has influenced my life. And I am not a football person I’m a text person.

Sometimes hearing a person’s voice of someone you know can directly bridge the gap of loneliness and socialize again. I am so thankful for this.

A few thoughts on a beautiful fall day!!


Surviving Abuse-My Testimonial

It’s been four months since we broke up, I’m still healing from the wound. They say that once you love someone you always love someone. It’s common right now to hurt, to cry once a while, to miss the person you love. But it’s too late to go back. We got divorced and then we got back together three different times. It’s simply wouldn’t work between us.

Each time talk to him or see him I try to convince myself he was a good guy and you never meant to hurt me and he didn’t hurt me. But I know the truth inside. Even though I really don’t want to admit it, it happened. Being thrown to the floor by your shove was too much to handle so I left. Once I came back he said I was coming at him–all of the 6 foot tall three hundred pounds, and you pushed for your own protection. I landed on the ice on one side and rolled over to the other as it was so slick. I bruised my buttocks and both sides of my legs. It DID happen. He said he was only defending himself and didn’t have a choice. I laid on the ice and I cried out loud he came to the door and called out get in here the neighbors are going to hear you crying. Maybe he had realized the multitude of what he had done. I was too scared to leave and wanted to believe that he loved me, like any other person who has been through abuse, so came back in the house and listen to his excuses of why he pushed me. I was too scared to call shorties and too scared to leave. We were living on his income and so I stayed and I stayed.

I have denied the happenings that happened between us with the hope that we could reconcile. But it is time to come out with the truth to myself and to God to allow me to heal honestly. Many other things happened that were physical in the first house we lived. You threw me on the floor, the hardwood floor. My ego was hurt more than anything and my heart was too.

I called my best friend and told her and I don’t know what I expected her to say. She basically said, “Oh, he did, I’m sorry.” What was she supposed to say? Leave him, come to my house? She knew that I really cared about him and she had been abused before herself and didn’t leave.

Any kind of abuse seems to paralyze a person and makes them think they’re less than they are, that they are not capable of living independently and on their own. The abuser is really a protector that loves them and will take care of them and how could they live about without them. The whole control abusers have on you is unbelievable. You find yourself apologizing over and over for things that were minor.

I am happy to say I am single and I am healing from 12 years of being with my ex-husband who is abusive. Healing isn’t an easy thing and you’ll find it yourself that sometimes you waiver. Sometimes you find out that you absolutely need the abuser to live. I am evidence of that. That is simply not true. You need the support of those around you as a support network of family, friends and someone you can talk to. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to call the abuse hotline in your area. Normally that is at the YMCA-YWCA.

Whatever you do do not feel embarrassed or ashamed make a phone call and talk to a confidential counselor. Get their opinion. While on the phone you can laugh,cry tell them if you’re scared and say what you really feel. Now, this does not mean that you’ll get out of the abusive relationship right away. But there are resources to help you realize the pattern or cycle that’s going on and hopefully lead you towards leaving or putting money away so that you can leave and you’re no longer stranded with an abuser who claims to love you.

And in my case my abuser was also my user. He knew how to take, he knew how to demand, he knew how to scare me, he knew how to comfort me after abuse and most of all he knew how to keep me. I had no money and no way to get away. I have finally decided that after being married for six years, divorced from him, and gotten back together three times, it’s time to give up and live my life. We live separately we are friends but there is no potential for abuse because if he stops at my house he has to go home. The abuse happened when things mounted, financial problems stress, there is always a precursor that happened.

Talk to someone, tell them how you feel, you deserve to get help get out of the situation and get your self-esteem back. I wrote this article not only for women but men also because abuse does happen to men if it’s not reported as much.

If you’re not ready to leave, because you’re scared, you are normal. At least make one phone call to an abuse hotline to talk to someone about it. If you’re feeling that you know you’re crazy, an abuse counselor knows that you’re not. What I did when I really needed to talk to someone, was I went for a ride in my truck and I called the hotline and I had a silent place to talk and get a piece of mind. This took pressure off my shoulders and allowed me to cope better with the situation.

I realize that I protected my abuser, not wanting to believe the things he did to me. I remember getting out the ice pack and putting it on my wrist that he had twisted until he couldn’t anymore.

I remember going to the doctor with the bruised rear end from being thrown off the bed after being held down to where I couldn’t breathe. Extreme fear glowed through me.

If you need any assistance in obtaining an abuse phone number, please contact me at and I will be more than glad to find you a number in your area of someone to talk to you about your abuse. You are not alone, the problem is not you, the problem is your abuser’s need to control you and abuse you to survive.

On that note I will in this article and I hope that those of you who even if you put up with a little bit of abuse stop and rethink your life because you’re worth more than the abuse. You’re smart, you’re logical, you have self-esteem even though it might be low right now you are a person with your own mind and you can live independently with help.

God Bless You!

100 Followers! Thank you!

Thank you so much to you, my readers! Together we have reached 100 followers. While I am not normally a numbers person, I believe this is quite impressive!

Communication, reading and writing make the world go around!

Celebrate with me 100 followers!

We’ll keep caring and sharing!

Thank you so much!

Grant Me Patience

Dear God,

I ask you to remind me
Even things don’t go my way,
It takes patience for good things to happen, that not everything comes I’m a hurry. That any kind of growth
be it spiritual, emotional or physical takes time and lots of patience.

I ask you to open my eyes and help me notice things around me that have grown and prospered. I know that in time things change and this requires time as well as patience.

One day my children will be grown and I will grow older. Teach me Lord to have patience with others around me and to do your will.


Have an awsome day!

Are You Really Alone?

Are you really alone? Do you live alone like I do? Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one that understands what’s going on? You’re not really alone. Our God is looking down upon you and sees everything and will make it right in his own time.

It is tempting that when things get rough we either deal with them or internalize them and they service later. With cabin fever season coming out it’s easy to stay at home and do something. A person must get themselves to get up and do something accomplished something even as with a simple thing every day I come bad cabin fever. Otherwise it’s easy to leave eight and exist. With cooler weather, it’s possible we wouldn’t see people for days unless we go to the store but it’s cool things we need to do.

One of my favorites is a visit the library to pick out a book that I really like to read. Then when I have to Stan, I have a book to read, something to keep my mind on, and I don’t get depressed and cabin fever stays away. I challenge you to look at your life, have you ever isolating yourself because of problems going on in your life and no one would understand. This is what it what makes a person feel very alone. But are you really alone?

A few thoughts for you to think about is the weather gets cooler it gets dark earlier and we don’t see people as much as we do when it’s warmer outside.

Have an awesome day!

   I hear the the Robins chirping. I see the tree branches move for providing a breeze. I hear the sounds of nature and feel the fresh air around me. here in Wisconsin we don’t often have days that are kind of muggy, but yet there’s a breeze in the air. I am thankful for today… it is the day I will finish moving into my own new apartment, as a single woman, ready for what comes my way. If you would’ve asked me a few weeks ago about what was to come, I probably would have told you I don’t know and shown us :-( with my confusion. God has guided me to where I am now. Andre when you allow God to prevail, he sent you straight and shows you a path where he wants you to go. He assured you that he will take care of you and that you are safe. with his reassurance, I can’t go wrong.

   I have love in my life and God to lead the way.