What Is Enough?

What is enough? Do we base our lives and how many material things we have? Or is it how many friends and relatives we have? First of all, one has to look at what things mean to them in their lives. What means happiness, contentment, peacefulness, and most of all what is enough?

We are now in the days of technology and people rarely see each other face-to-face much less talk on the phone. Teenagers seem to base importance on how many friends I have, how popular they are, and the amount of electronic devices they own. They are aware of every shortcut on these electronic devices. This is what seems to constitute meaning among our teens, however it is simply not enough to get us through the day through our lives.

Back to my beginning question, what is enough? I have learned over time that looking around me has brought me contentment. Positive thoughts lead the way to good day at work. I work with the elderly and some days it seems like nothing is enough for them. If I don’t go to work with a positive attitude, my day is a long day. If I go to work with a positive attitude work is actually enjoyable and I get to talk a little bit with the elderly.

Give this some thought as you go to and from your job, home to your family, do your shopping, get all your errands run and return home to your family.

What is it that makes you tick? What is it that’s important to you? And just what is it that keeps you going from Day to day even when things get stressful? Is it the fact that you have a family and them to return home to? isn’t that we had the chance to live free lives in a free country where as others across the world had their lives to go over and? I ask you to ponder this is your work and cleaning and do the things you need to get done. What exactly is important to you? And what is enough in your life?

Have an awesome day!

Kris Vaas

We Are Human

Did you ever wonder how you got where you are now? I’m sure there were many experiences that are now behind you the brought you this far. Good bad or otherwise they make up who you are today. It is my believe that our past helps to leave it since your future. The decisions we make lead us in one direction or another.

They have been probably times were you face things head-on and other times where you took the road around those things for fear of failing. We all fear failure and not making the grade. To me that’s just being human.

The important thing is that you come away from each experience with something meaningful or special or in the case where it’s negative that you learn something. As humans things influence us in many different ways. Just do your best and you’ll be sure that’s what you did, because that’s all you can do and know that that’s what you did. Rejection, negativity and other negative forces will always be out there trying to defeat us. The biggest thing is that you know that you did what was right or best. We are human and that’s what we do we act human.

Have an awsome day!


A Quote on Perspective

When I am all hassled about everything, I always stop and ask myself what difference it will make in the evolution of the human species within the next 10 million years, and that question always helps me get back to my perspective.

Anne Wilson Schaef

Writing as An Outlet

   Have you written down your feelings at one time or another?  It can be a very good outlet, whether you’re writing a poem or just jotting down words to express feeling.  This is another way writing can be used to help you express pent up emotions, anger….sadness…whatever it might be and you may find some relief from this! That’s the beauty of writing.

   When you feel confused, don’t know what to think or just feel confused, take a piece of paper and write down words that come to mind, it doesn’t matter what order they are in.  The important thing is just to get them out on paper, which will free up your mind to be more clear and in effect, function better.  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with exactly what you feel at one time.  Give yourself some time and see if this is helpful to you.

Happy Writing!

Have an awesome day!


Prayer–Even When I Felt Alone

Dear God,

Thank you for being with me,

even when I am lost and feel alone.

I may not know my way but you do.

Thank you for showing me the way

when I didn’t have any idea where to start.

Lord, you have blessed me with people

in my life who have offered a helping hand

when I thought I would be all alone.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me

through the rough times.

You are my only God.


A Connection Exists!

   Just when does a connection to a person end?  You’ve shared your life with them, have favorites with them, can predict their next word….and even when you’re split up, there’s a connection and you communicate. I speak from experience, this is how I feel with my ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-whatever. We raised four children together who are my step kids now ages 18-24 years old.  We fought a custody battle that cost $10,000 and never seemed to end.  I no longer see my step-children much but want the best for them just the same.

   My ex and I always communicate we are split up….kind of like soul mates. Now, don’t tell him that….cause he may not agree.  I have never had this kind of connection before….but somehow he can do worst things to me and I to him and forgiveness abounds. I call it the love of God.  God was in our relationship, marriage, divorce and when we got back together.  I am a strong believer that God brought us together and has separated us now as things got to where neither one of us loved the other and finances were too much to bear.

   I don’t believe we are meant to be together or to live together, but I do believe friendship is in the cards for us.  I have a job I really enjoy working with the elderly and he enjoys his job.

   He is able to see his kids if I am not around. (bad blood from the step family) This makes me happy and I don’t feel the need to be around.  His ex wife has kept him from seeing the kids for years, so it’s high time he sees them. I am mature enough at age 43 to understand.

    Anyway, folks it is my belief that God is in relationships, that good things are possible regardless of breakup, maybe even friendship.

   If you find yourself going through a relationship and feeling so very down, remember there is always a connection, you have shared a portion of that person’s life. Yes, there are outward emotions we see, but there are inner ones too that we don’t see and yes they are there…what they are who knows…..just don’t lose hope and focus on yourself.