Diamond, Our Pit Bull

Diamond, was a very very mellow dog. Prior to us getting her. She has now been adopted with a loving family fact that we no longer can have a dog due to our living circumstances. What I felt. Diamond was a Pit Bull, a breed that has a very bad reputation. She was the most mellow dog I have ever seen. She would cover your face with kisses. She would play ball and fed and she was more mellow than some of the reasons that are smaller and more hyper. She had beauty, grace, love and loyalty to you. She was kind to anyone showed her love. On the other hand she would back up when she sensed danger, she most definitely would not fight.

Diamond was tan white and a little bit of black just like a fawn dear. She was beautiful, had a wonderful spirit and was loving to children. Diamond did not fit the reputation out there for Pit Bulls that fight. She was a lover not a fighter.

Best Regards,

The Prevalence of Divorce

I remember the days when I never really heard about a divorce. I wonder if I had my rose-colored glasses on or if I just didn’t hear body. And my parents generation it seem like people stuck together longer and we’re there for eachother. They just didn’t bail out when things got rough. I meant Weidlake sceptered. I sometimes wonder what happened to our culture and our society that it’s now accepted. Where are our morals and I really? Now I don’t want to sound old-fashioned, but I will even thinking by someone side when things get rough, rocky, a person gets sick and the like. I feel very closely any of them in my life. I don’t bail I do usually when something is difficult.

Do you know if the French thing around you? The divorce is widely excepted in our culture and in our society. It seems every day someone else is getting divorced and having a tough time. We hear about custody battle and fighting in court. My question is why does the fighting have to go on? Especially when children are involved, it’s not fair to them.

Just a few thoughts about divorce in our culture today.

Many blessings,

God is Ever Present

Today it is cold and snowy here in Wisconsin we have a temperature of nine with a low temperature of 3°.
28 mph winds are passing outside my window. I am so thankful to have a warm department the sunshine is out and God is ever present. I am determined that I would be out in the cold if you were to live which I once was, living in itself, living in my truck are feeling helpless. I have done all of the latter at one time or another in the last few years.

I believe our experience makes us who we are and that God guides us on the path that he already has laid out for us. It is our choice whether to open arms to him and let him guide us on that path or to simply buck with that idea and doing our own way.

I believe that my survival has been through the will of God. I have been in abusive relationships, I’ve been homeless, been money less and more. And through it all God remains he’s a constant, he never fails. Each night I pray to God and I ask him to guide me on the path of your day has laid out for me and to have me do his will. I keep all those I interact with in my prayers as well as others that God may see who need his guidance. It is through God but I find the strength to do what I do. I work with the elderly in assisted-living home and there is a lot of gas up among employees and it’s very hard for them to keep help. It is through the will of God that I go back there after day and take care of the people who need assistance. I will admit that their day they had thought about throwing in the towel but, why should I do that? People will always talk, but God will always exist. It is he who is my strength and my guide. May he guide you through each day.

God Bless You!
All my best,

What Makes Up A Friendship?

What really constitutes a friendship? Can a male and female have a friendship and keep it on the level ground? It seems so many times then a mailing to print female friendship tend to get emotions involved and the mail back those are the female backs out of the friendship because it seems more like a relationship. No that’s just my experience. If you had a great experience with a male female friendship I applaud you.

And a same-sex friendships what constitutes a friendship? Is it communication and just general concern about how the other person is, is it going for a car for a cuppa coffee once a while and soon the breeze? What exactly constitutes a friendship to you? It is been fed that men can remain friends for years and not see each other for 10 or 20 years and still pick up a conversation right where they left off considering themselves as friends. It is also been said that women tend to get busy with taking care of the home raising children a career I don’t keep solid friendships as well as men do due to the many things that they take care of. I have found this to be true in my life. Those from high school and then I knew some of them are my Facebook account and others I haven’t spoken to in years and they would know who I was. And yet man, cannot see each other for years and years and can remember other high school memories together.

My question for you is what needs to be and place for you to have a friendship in your life and to feel that it is a good one you can depend on. I know communication is a big one with me I like to text a friend once a while or give them a phone call and most recently my sister is my best friend I talked to her once or twice a day due to the fact that her mother-in-law had a stroke and is partially paralyzed. We had been distant much of our lives as she had her friends and I had mine but God has brought us closer due to her mother-in-law’s health condition. I have turned my sister numerous numerous times for vice and help and I’m glad to have the chance to be able to give them back to her and help with her mother-in-law.

My sisters a woman who is very independent as I am also. She did not anticipate ever needing help with anything. In fact her mother-in-law I was going to help her when she had gastric bypass surgery in December. It’s ironic how things they could change. She now says I may need your help when my mother-in-law comes home from the hospital. I may need your help with my surgery when I have it. I am thankful to have my sister of my friend and to be able to give back. Medical situations bring up times when those most important to us need us and it’s our choice whether we are there or not in my case I have to be there for my own conscience.
Now when we talk about friendship you can have friendships with people you go see out for supper or at a dance and their casual friendship, you can have a serious friendship with your girlfriend that you only tell certain things to when you don’t tell anyone else of things. As a guy you going to have a friend that works in the garage with you were repairs your car. Friends take all different colors and all different for tuition and make them bright.
I am so thankful that we have friends in our lives thank the Lord for friends.

Have a friendly day!

A Complicated World

Our world has become quite complicated compared to what it used to be. It simply is hard to slow down because technological change continue to occur and error increasing rates. Dealing with rapid change is stressful. Even in the last 10 to 20 years things have changed medically. When we were children or kids, our parents had answer machines, not
cell phone, email or voicemail. An answer machine with cutting-edge.

We live in a hectic world where everyone around us seems to people moving faster. I’m often amazed at the time just being the administrator of my own life requires.

I work with the elderly and some of them are between 90 to 94 years old. Life in the last 100 years has become much more complicated. Many of these folks never drove a car and it was a luck Sharee to have a car. It was expensive to have a car and most of them walked to school with one in particular walking 5 miles each way to school and thought nothing of it. Many of the elderly folks I deal with it tell me about the neighbor having a car and how they always wanted to have a car but couldn’t afford one.

We live in a hectic world filled with stress and little relief or relaxation. The 94-year-old that I mentioned earlier did a lot of walking and a lot of work on the farm caring buckets of manure and doing so much work that we don’t do today might be why she’s she has lived to be 94 years old.

In contrast, we have it easy. We don’t have to walk to school we jump in the car to go anywhere and get there within 10 minutes. I am sure it if I had to walk to school 5 miles one way I would do a lot of thinking during that time and a lot of looking around me and noticing the beauty of thing. It probably would become relaxing after a while.

Have a blessed day!

Living in The Moment

What would happen if we simply live in the moment? I bet we would notice things that we don’t notice otherwise because were too busy to see them. Most of us live by a schedule and little fast-paced life. I know I live by a schedule and I don’t vary that schedule much or I wouldn’t get everything done.

Work is a certain time, bed is at a certain time to get enough sleep for the next day for work, grocery shopping is when the fridge is empty or on a certain day of the week you chosen and if you have kids they have activities that are on certain days of the week that keeps you pretty structured as well.

We live in the age of cell phones, text messaging instead of visiting in person, video games to entertain ourselves, the iPad or the Internet to look up information or to communicate with others and we live and then the age of the media. When something happens there is media coverage of it from coast-to-coast war in her own town there’s media coverage on TV, we tune in to, that at times and worry about that more than you know how we are feeling ourselves are we healthy and are we getting enough sleep. It seems as though we are worried about everyone but ourselves and keeping such a tight schedule we have little time for ourselves to relax. Putting her feet up and breathing is a thing of the past. It seems it with all these mobile devices it’s gotten okay for us to forget that we need to relax and once we get sick we remember, “hey I should’ve relaxed.” While it shouldn’t take our body to be the one to remind us to slow down many times that’s what it happens. I encourage you today to sit down, put your feet up, give yourself a few minutes of relaxation, and then go back to your busy schedule. This is my challenge for you today. Don’t wait until you get sick to sit down and relax. Live in the moment and enjoy that moment. Why it’s easier said than done I think you will be happy that you did it.

Best regards always,

What Is Attractiveness?

What is attractiveness? Our media portrays someone who is thin, tall, with perfect features as attractive. The media also features someone who is heavily painted with make up and has a perfect hairstyle. I pondered this question different times and in college we discussed it in a group. We determined that our young girls today are being led to believe that this is what attractiveness is….what they see on the front of the magazine cover. However, what comes out of this many times are disorders like anorexia or bulimia that are used to stay thin.
I was taught that the beauty or attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder. We were taught that someone is attractive when they’re interesting to talk to, they keep themselves well groomed, they have attractive features. When I was younger the disorder as I mentioned earlier were not so prevalent, but we also do not have the media coverage we have a represents attractiveness and beauty the way it does today.
I believe it is imperative that we spraying to our teenagers what attractiveness and beauty is before it’s too late. Many of them feel that they are not attractive because they are not as skinny as the others in their classes or they don’t have the same features other night is popular. I think we need to take time to explain this to them and make sure that they realize they are attractive themselves. That attractiveness can come from within.
What is attractiveness to you in your life? A question to ponder as you go through your day.

God Bless You All,

Did You Really Fail?

Did you really fail or did you just not do as well as you wanted to do? our culture has conditioned us to know that when we have done less than perfect it seems like we have failed. Today failing seems to be prevalent in our culture today. No one wants to fail even though failure is bound to happen from time to time. We have put so much stress on our success that when we fail we feel horrible. We been raised to do our best, so when it feels we’ve done our best and we fail we feel like failures.

Sometimes a failure can be positive and it teaches us how to do something better. But initially it looks like we failed and done something that’s horrible. The next time you feel like you failed take a step back and look, did you really fail?

Or did you just fall short of what you wanted to achieve?
We are so quick to call her so failures to note when we fail but what about when we do something good? Our society put so much pressure on achievement that when we don’t achieve exactly what we want were upset with ourselves.

Next time you fail or feel like you failed please take a close look at what you actually did. As my father used to say sleep on it, it will look different in the morning.

Positive thoughts,


Dementia Takes Over

I work with a resident named Lisa, who struggles with dementia every day and every evening. She deals with what they call “sundowning” where dementia is worse in the evening as the sun goes down.

Each night at supper Lisa says, “What’s the weather forecast does anyone know? Is it going to rain or snow? I wonder what it’s going to do outside. Quotation mark Lisa repeats this several times throughout the evening meal. Other residents might be answered her but she asked again and again. This simply is dementia taking over.

Lisa is a very smart, wonderful, pleasant, interesting lady, so don’t give me wrong we love having her around. We object that she seems to focus on is the weather.  Other residents look around as she says this and have funny looks on their face like “What you talking about?” There looks seem to say why is she here basking the same question?

To preserve Lisa’s dignity, I as a staff member, answer her the best I can while remaining calm and patient. Trust me it takes patience to hear the same question over and over in the same half hour. I don’t know what the other residents think because it is inappropriate to ask them at the time what they think and it’s not professional to talk about one resident to the other.

Lisa also mentions that she has to get ready for Christmas and it one time thought it was Christmas day and had a bag of Christmas cards that she received. Note that she had received these cards last Christmas in 2013. Don’t give me wrong I don’t condemn Lisa for her behavior, I simply except that it is dementia taking over.

When I first started my job, I didn’t understand much about dementia and that Lisa was in a different time. Then I wear a different state of mind tonight so I would try to answer all the questions she asked me was logical answers. If you know someone with dementia this simply doesn’t work doesn’t it?

May God Bless all those who deal with dementia, via a resume in a facility or the caregiver. Dementia takes over. It simply is not easy to deal with but once one understands what is going on it becomes much easier to put yourself in their place and see where they are coming from.

God Bless You All !


When You’re Down, You’re Down

When you’re down, you ‘re down. This was my thought recently after I ran my body out of fuel.

I spent time in the emergency room for three hours. They did an EKG test for my heart, urine test, blood test, and gave me an IV of fluid and electrolytes. The doctor was concerned that something was wrong with my heart. The doctor found that I was severely dehydrated and needed fluids. I came home and I slept all day and realize I hadn’t slept good for days.

My job is normally part time but we are shorthanded at the moment, so I am filling in for extra hours. Without thinking it through I work six out of seven days eight hours a day. My body did not like this and did not agree.

As you may know, in an assisted living home is quite warm like a nursing home. I frequently perspire on my job and often go outside for fresh air when I have a break.

Well, it seems like this time I pushed myself a little bit too far. While I normally take good care of myself, I found myself drinking soda for a boost and natural tea which isn’t bad for you except for the caffeine. It’s night I was tired after work which is normal, so I want to thought anything about being tired or muscles aching.

I work a first shift, a third shift and four second shifts, so my sleep was off, my body clock was off and I just hadn’t thought about it. It simply was trying to slow down and my body wasn’t giving me a choice. As a health and wellness coach I was quite upset with myself for not maintaining my health better. However I am a people pleaser as well I wanted to help out at work. My message to you today is to slow down take care of yourself, look at your work schedule and don’t overdo. Because when you’re down you’re down.

Kind thoughts and best regards,