Possibilities in One Day, Kindness and Happiness

   Today is a new day – a new beginning.  You have been given this day to use as you please.  You can waste it or you can use it for something worthwhile.  Either way, what you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.

   When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever.  In its place will be something that you have left behind.  Please, let it be something worthwhile.  Let it be something that spreads love and happiness.

   The possibilities you can achieve in one day are endless. They can be simple, as long as you feel like you accomplished something.  Sometimes the simplest things can be the biggest in our hearts and minds as well as to others.  And, it is not how much you do, but the quality of it.  Did what you accomplished make you feel good inside?  Is it memorable to you or to another person. Something as simple as opening someone’s door for them (into a building) will make their day.  Sometimes a smile or a few kind words is all it takes to brighten someone’s day.

Just a few thoughts on kindness and happiness.

Have a happy day!




Thinking Positive Vs. Negative

   Have you ever met or been around the person who just can’t say a positive word about anything. These people seem like they want to be negative as though it is a hobby to them.  They just don’t want to be positive and live life to be negative and therefore, irritate or drive some of us nuts who prefer to be positive most of the time. I work with many people who complain all the time and refuse to be positive.  Something in me wonders how do these people survive life……but the answer comes to me…they survive and thrive by being negative.  On a more positive note, let’s focus on the positive for a few moments.

   A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty, whereas the negative person is not happy but makes no effort to make their life better. 

   Positive thinking is not accepted by everyone. Some, consider it as nonsense, and scoff at people who follow it, but there is a growing number of people, who accept positive thinking as a fact, and believe in its effectiveness.

   It seems that this subject is gaining popularity, as evidenced by the many books, lectures and courses about it.

   To use it in your life, you need more than just to be aware of its existence. You need to adopt the attitude of positive thinking in everything you do.

   With a positive attitude we experience pleasant and happy feelings. This brings brightness to the eyes, more energy, and happiness. Our whole being broadcasts good will, happiness and success. Even our health is affected in a beneficial way. We walk tall, our voice is more powerful, and our body language shows the way we feel.

  Both positive and negative energy are contagious!

Have a positive day!


Prayer of Gratitude

Dear God,
Thank you for the strength to go on,
When I wanted to give up and quit. Thank you for the strength to go on when I felt so alone.
Thank you for guiding me when I was lost,
I now am found.

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings of kindness and love.
Thank you for giving me the life I’ve lead.
Yes, there are losses, but there are many more games.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with family, friends and coworkers.
Each one has given me support in their own way.
Thank you Lord for blessing me.

My Loving Sister

My favorite sister,
You been there when the sky is cloudy and gray.
You don’t judge me you love me.

My dear sister,
You listen even when you don’t agree
For you know that I am hurting and you simply offer kind words.

My kindhearted sister,
We’ve had our ups and downs
You’ve listened to me,
Even when I spoke nonsense
About how he walked out on me.

My understanding sister,
You will owe me to feel what I felt

You never put me down for what seemed to be crazy feelings.

My loving sister,
You’ve always been there.

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

You’ve been gone from the earth for 30 years now.
But you haven’t left my heart for a second.
You know longer live next-door, but you live in heaven.

I’ve never been the same since you departed this earth.
I was your girl who sat beside you and hold your hand when you didn’t feel well.

Grandpa are you always made me feel special.
I was your girl and I will never forget that.
I’ve never held her hand like I did yours,

For other than you I couldn’t let everyone see my emotion.
Grandpa, you are in my heart and will never be forgotten.


The Prayer of the Dog


I keep watch!

If I am not here

o will guard their house? Watch over their sheet? Is faithful? No one understands but you and I understand what faithfulness is.

They call me, “Good dog, Nice dog.”
I take their pats and the old bones that they throw me.
And I seem pleased.
They really believe they make me happy.
I take kicks to when they come my way.
None of that matters.
I keep watch!
Lord, do not let me die until, for them, all danger is driven away.

This prayer was taken from the book called Prayers From the Arc The Creatures Choir by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold

What Is Enough?

What is enough? Do we base our lives and how many material things we have? Or is it how many friends and relatives we have? First of all, one has to look at what things mean to them in their lives. What means happiness, contentment, peacefulness, and most of all what is enough?

We are now in the days of technology and people rarely see each other face-to-face much less talk on the phone. Teenagers seem to base importance on how many friends I have, how popular they are, and the amount of electronic devices they own. They are aware of every shortcut on these electronic devices. This is what seems to constitute meaning among our teens, however it is simply not enough to get us through the day through our lives.

Back to my beginning question, what is enough? I have learned over time that looking around me has brought me contentment. Positive thoughts lead the way to good day at work. I work with the elderly and some days it seems like nothing is enough for them. If I don’t go to work with a positive attitude, my day is a long day. If I go to work with a positive attitude work is actually enjoyable and I get to talk a little bit with the elderly.

Give this some thought as you go to and from your job, home to your family, do your shopping, get all your errands run and return home to your family.

What is it that makes you tick? What is it that’s important to you? And just what is it that keeps you going from Day to day even when things get stressful? Is it the fact that you have a family and them to return home to? isn’t that we had the chance to live free lives in a free country where as others across the world had their lives to go over and? I ask you to ponder this is your work and cleaning and do the things you need to get done. What exactly is important to you? And what is enough in your life?

Have an awesome day!

Kris Vaas

We Are Human

Did you ever wonder how you got where you are now? I’m sure there were many experiences that are now behind you the brought you this far. Good bad or otherwise they make up who you are today. It is my believe that our past helps to leave it since your future. The decisions we make lead us in one direction or another.

They have been probably times were you face things head-on and other times where you took the road around those things for fear of failing. We all fear failure and not making the grade. To me that’s just being human.

The important thing is that you come away from each experience with something meaningful or special or in the case where it’s negative that you learn something. As humans things influence us in many different ways. Just do your best and you’ll be sure that’s what you did, because that’s all you can do and know that that’s what you did. Rejection, negativity and other negative forces will always be out there trying to defeat us. The biggest thing is that you know that you did what was right or best. We are human and that’s what we do we act human.

Have an awsome day!